Welcome to the site of the Art Center in Perinnye Ryady, a contemporary exhibition hall in the center of Saint Petersburg. We have been organizing educational and art exhibitions since 2010, our priority being exhibiting pieces of original graphic art of such world-famed artists as M. Chagall, P. Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, S. Dali, R. Magritte and others. Nevertheless, this fact does not restrict the exhibiting activity of the Art Center that is always open for original ideas and projects.

The audience of the Art Center is quite diverse. They are professional art critics, married couples with children and people going in for photography and travelling.

“100 Wonders of the World” is an annual photo festival of the Art Center.

The first collection of the festival was formed in 2011 in cooperation with “National Geographic. Russia”. Owing to 3D photographs, one could plunge into the wonderful world of wild nature at the exhibition.

For the second exhibition we chose 100 photographs among 35 thousand photos from the golden collection of “National Geographic. USA”.

Into the next collection we included the works by photographers, collaborating with such prominent editions as “National Geographic”, “GEO”, “Scientific American”, “Outdoor Life”, etc.

Three years later the scope of the project “100 Wonders of the World” was extended and it received a status of an International Photo Festival. The photographs are not only exhibited at the exhibition hall of the Art Center, but also make a tour of major Russian cities. The exhibition has been greatly appreciated by the audience and invariably receives favorable reviews, which confirms a permanent interest to this project.